Crispy and Soft?! Potato Cheese Donuts instead of Flour!! Super Delicious.

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I used delicious potato instead of flour for Potato cheese donuts. The outside is crispy but inside is very soft. Onion is added to make it even more delicious.

Ingredients :
1. 2.5~3 Potatoes
2. 2 Eggs
3. Onion
4. Mozzarella Cheese
5. Potato Starch
6. Flour
7. Bread crumbs

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    the sounds on this video is making me laugh idk why =))

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    Would you be able to freeze these and take them out when needed? ^_^

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    this is uzhunnu vada

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  65. Backyard sniper

    Backyard sniper

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    this would be better with marinara. ketchup is for french fries

    • Siddhanth Pradhan

      Siddhanth Pradhan

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      This literally tases like french fries in mozzarella sauce

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