I Try EVERY Japanese Ramen

I bought as many Japanese ramen as possible and tried them, I am the right person to try all these Japanese ramen. I do love the ramen in Japan, lets see which is the best.

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تعليقات: 6 609 

  1. CDawgVA


    Still regretting this

  2. Jamado


    Connor: "I got a C in cholesterol in my health check up and I don't know why"

  3. Johnny Kiehn

    Johnny Kiehn

    Connor: "Get this brand of ramen if you ever come to Japan"

  4. Dex


    Kermit just staring into my soul the whole time, scary

  5. Squall dane

    Squall dane

    "This is probably the unhealthiest video I've ever made"

  6. Kurosaki Suzuki

    Kurosaki Suzuki

    As a Filipino living in Japan and eating noodles

  7. RageElixir


    “Was that pork hitting the gym?” 🤣

  8. Weird Anime fan

    Weird Anime fan

    Connor: "Milk is liquid, and it should stay in that one form!"

  9. Haydunk


    Everyone is ignoring the 500$ donation he made. while it doesn’t change the world, I am really happy to see the thought he put into it, and I hope the charities use it well :D

  10. Kamaria System

    Kamaria System

    Connor: "Thailand as a God tier food"

  11. A monke

    A monke

    "Asian people treat garlic like we treat our children never enough"- random asian man in a orange shirt



    I'm simply amazed by the fact that every British person (or at least the ones I encountered) says Pot noodle actually tastes good.

  13. chanceof_rain


    i am that much of an anxiety driven person that i would feel really guilty leaving more than half a cup of ramen un-eaten.

  14. HyperManic1000


    I love how Connor is reviewing cup ramen by himself, while Joey and Garnt review Tengas together

  15. Cas Box

    Cas Box

    My favorite steins gate quote is still: “You look like a man who failed at making instand noodles”

  16. Rituraj Halder

    Rituraj Halder

    He could have done this in a span of few days eating those noodles as lunch or dinner while simultaneously reviewing them. It would saved a lot of food and hassle for him.... But that would made too much sense and we all know Connor doesn’t do that.

  17. Collin Graham

    Collin Graham

    he could have done this whole video by recording 5 ramans a day and be fine lol he suffered for us all in one sitting like a mad man

  18. Alejandro Coronado

    Alejandro Coronado

    "Milk is liquid and should stay in one form."

  19. kevintrickster


    CDawg is such a good person for donating that money, he didn’t need to do it and no one asked him to do it but he did it anyway

  20. 名前


    Connor: "If you come to Japan, get this brand"