Losing $150 Every Time I Laugh

Media share is back and stakes are higher than ever before! If you can make me laugh, I'll PayPal you $150 on the spot. Also, if you want to join in and try to make me laugh yourself then join me on Twitch


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  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Connor: "It's scientifically impossible to laugh at a Chris Broad video"

  2. ReddyUp


    I'm just imagining Chris in his dimly lit room after he's finished editing a video, just sending fucking yoda memes from his laptop and probably laughing more than Connor about it.

  3. gigitrix


    The funniest part was Chris being so proud of himself on his podcast right after

  4. Brianna


    It's way more entertaining watching a "try not to laugh" challenge where there's actually consequences for laughing. All the other ones come across so staged

  5. SaladSauce


    Don't worry Connor's just funding the next Journey Across Japan.

  6. dallak93



  7. Krimson


    I laughed at 90% of these videos.

  8. _Larchiviste _

    _Larchiviste _

    Connor laughing made my day

  9. phanta


    Connor would be in debt if viewers sent in clips of only the English dub of Ghost Stories

  10. DerWaidmann


    Easily the funniest try not to laugh I've ever seen, Connor has the most hilarious try not to laugh face

  11. Chris Mayek

    Chris Mayek

    Connor's trying not to laugh face is adorable tbh

  12. Prit


    The skeleton telling a joke needs a rematch because it would've broken you for sure with the full thing.

  13. QueerTherapy


    I might print out the horse saying "everything is not daijoubu..." and put it on my wall

  14. Monokuma


    Connor: It's scientifically impossible to laugh at a Chris broad video

  15. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy

    It says on the thumbnail that his paypal lost $1,250 but the title says he loses $150 everytime he laughs. But 1250 isn't divisible by 150. And 150 multiplied by 8 is 1200 which is 50 short of 1250. Does that mean he does a one-third laugh?

  16. Topian


    أيام قبل

    I had quite a bad day at school today, this video made me laugh so hard. Haven't laughed like this for a long time, thank you!

  17. Willie G7777

    Willie G7777

    The duck laughing clip would’ve been funnier if it was edited with feel good inc at the end of it

  18. 幽霊船


    Other streamers: Pay me to laugh

  19. 666


    Can anyone please, PLEASE make a playlist of all the videos shown here and the previous episode of Connor's YLYL. I would love to play this game with my friends.

  20. David Wollmer, Jr.

    David Wollmer, Jr.

    That Jose one got me bad. Just the sheer confidence of the dude sold it.