47 Things to do in JAPAN | Ultimate Travel Guide

Japan has 47 regions. Here's the one thing to do in EVERY single region in UNDER 20 minutes.
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1) 47 Things to do in JAPAN | Ultimate Travel Guide
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2) Why Everyone HATES Me on Amazon Prime
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3) The Most AWKWARD Encounters I've Had with Viewers in Real Life
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4) Reacting to My FIRST EVER AR-state Video from 10 Years Ago
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5) Dinner Alone in my Japanese RAMEN SHOP
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6) My Most Near DEATH Experience in Japan
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7) 7 Most OVERRATED Things in Japan
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8) Abroad in Japan CHRISTMAS Live Show | Opening Presents with Natsuki
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  1. Chris Abroad

    Chris Abroad

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas! I look forward to taking you on a journey into my insanity. Let's go.

  2. Dogen


    considering becoming an attraction just to make this video archaic

  3. Suitcase Monkey

    Suitcase Monkey

    I wonder how many different hard drives these older clips were stored across… this series has already made December!

  4. uranuss


    It's amazing that Chris and his gang brought the whole, if not, the not often seen or unseen Japan to his viewers. his filming and editing technique are also amazing!

  5. Pashico


    Considering you basically didn't say anything about Yamanashi prefecture, let me add something to it.

  6. Grant


    You can really tell what Chris cares about when he makes a list of things to do in Japan off the top of his head and it's almost all food.

  7. Captain Kacke

    Captain Kacke

    Few additional recommendations (Aomori, Tochigi, Shimane):

  8. puppeys_machete


    Releasing a video on 47 things to do in Japan after Japan just announced that they would not be allowing visitors to enter the country. We truly live in a society

  9. Alan P

    Alan P

    Chris's recollection of various prefectures: This food was here, this food was here, I liked this food here, this place has amazing beef, this place has chicken wings, this place has ramen...

  10. xNintenJenx


    I feel you, Chris. I gave birth last December and still haven't been able to fly back to the UK to introduce my family to my daughter! I was holding out for this Christmas too. Instead, Hyogo Christmas it is!

  11. Courtney Wright

    Courtney Wright

    Shimane has the Izumo Taisha shrine, a silver mine you can go in, good nature walks, and beaches with singing sand. It’s nice for countryside vibes and the people are very kind. It also has a cute cat mascot.

  12. Omar


    Really enjoyed this video. Felt like a review of all the adventures Chris has been on while learning a little something about each prefecture. Let's get a year end review next!

  13. カッパ


    I live in Fukushima, and besides Kitakata ramen and Sazaedo temple I would recommend visiting Ouchi-juku (a village from the Edo period), Goshiki-numa (five lakes with five colors) and lake Inawashiro too. Minamiaizu is beautiful in the autumn, i would recommend going by train (which has kotatsu seats as well with heating). Beautiful prefecture and very much underrated!

  14. CHEFPK


    You can't travel, but at least you have a Custom Ramen shop at your disposal.

  15. Mahumia


    I really hope to visit Japan one day (when we will be allowed to go again) and this video is a great way to get an idea of where to go without just going to the big tourist traps. I also love watching your other, equally inspiring videos. Thanks Chris!

  16. Cee Pee

    Cee Pee

    The fact that Chris remembered all of those memories while glancing on those scratched location is just amazing. Great Job Chris and Keep it coming!

  17. Jonathan Ayre

    Jonathan Ayre

    Shimane Prefecture is definitely underrated! Every time I visit (usually on the Sunrise Izumo overnight train) I keep finding new places to visit. If you spend some time there, I absolutely recommend Gakuen-ji, a beautiful temple complex in the mountains behind Izumo City and the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, near Oda City.

  18. KOA


    I am genuinely so happy for you and the amazing things you've done for yourself, your friends and your channel. Congratulations and thanks for always being my favorite channel to watch!

  19. John Hickie

    John Hickie

    Brilliant fun. I've skied up in the back country on Hokkaido. Loved the deep powder snow, the little Ryokan built on hot springs way up in the mountains and a bar crawl with some local guys in Asahikawa. Want to see more and do more. You've inspired me to try to do a bike ride from Hokkaido to Kyushu some day - did you say re-opening 2069? Seems like the best way to soak up the country as a whole.

  20. MultiSkiptracer


    Watching this video is like a "greatest hits" of the Abroad in Japan channel. You've done so much in terms of bridging the gap for westerners to Japan, Japanese culture, and what in Japan is worth seeing outside of the standard Tokyo/Kyoto defaults. I hope you (and Japan) realize just how much you've contributed to spreading Japanese culture worldwide. Thank you for doing what you do.