Don't Say This in my CHAT!

I've gotten tons of weird people in my chat over the time so now it's finally time to look at the people who've crossed the line and gotten banned but want to come back in. Have they gotten any better or was it just a friend who happened to be on the computer who said all those dumb things?

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  1. Eren the birb🕊

    Eren the birb🕊

    We live in a society, where someone gets banned for wanting to wash connor's back, truly sad.

  2. thErgonomic


    I got a feeling that the Oblivion NPC is a psychonaut, especially since he mentioned tea.

  3. lakamokolaka


    Note to self: Don't ever joke saying "IronMouse is shit," you will be sent to the shadow realm for it

  4. Krazi


    You went through the effort of blurring out the first guy's name to showing it a couple seconds later, certified bruh moment

  5. Aroani


    Literally lost it at the "Moke" bit. I have no regrets living with my childishness and stupidity.

  6. kudini


    I wish mudan included some of the moments where Coronis called out some of the people in the chat during that segment of the subathon. Editing is God tier as always. Thanks Mudan!

  7. Nadav Pechthold

    Nadav Pechthold

    Shout out to all the mods out there, keeping the most toxic places on earth just a little bit cleaner.

  8. MMDs00


    Connor: "Don't insult my guests"

  9. Flare 3500

    Flare 3500

    The Moke guy was funny he was the "filler" of the chat literally nothing bannable

  10. mutton rolls

    mutton rolls

    When I was this early, Mouse was actually nice to Connor

  11. james sixx

    james sixx

    The guy that said it was his friend I would have to believe on principle lol once I got permanently banned on a yugioh playing website because in the amount of time it took me to go take a piss and walk back my friend jumped on the computer and spammed to the public chat “MY NIPPLES CAN SUPPLY POWER TO A 3rd WORLD COUNTRY” xD

  12. Pika


    Mudan overdoses on ketamine and begins to edit yet another banger.

  13. SpeedyGD


    Seeing this makes me worried about typing in chat anything ironic.

  14. FerociousBiscuit


    The editing on this one is so extra and it just makes the video. Absolutely loving it.

  15. Kevin Iz

    Kevin Iz

    Personally, my criteria for banning would be me imagining if a person said what they typed in real life and would I ever want to be around that person ever again. For almost all the cases in this video, that would be a "no".

  16. Velacroix


    After seeing streamer unban appeals in the past, I can say with confidence these mods are a little too trigger happy.

  17. RaGiAn87


    That one guy who wasnt banned despite multiple trash talk yet others get banned for a couple shitty jokes? Those are some questionable mod decisions tbh

  18. The 19th Fighter

    The 19th Fighter


  19. Altrivotzck


    Travbm looks like they were running their chat messages through the neural network that AI Dungeon uses. Like, all of their messages were actual messages that had been scrambled by an AI.

  20. Asher King

    Asher King

    I realize connor has a relatively large portion of children watching him, you notice it with things like all caps messages (that arent copy pasta), pretty shit edgy jokes, and just general disregard for stream etiquette, so I sort of understand why his mods are quick to ban and time out, but man, as a resident Moonmoon sub, because of the chat culture I'm used to there, I feel like Connor's mods are far too trigger happy a lot of the time.