My First Ever Pokemon Nuzlocke

As the god-tier gamer that I am, no challenge is too big for me! That's why I set all of my plans aside today to purely focus on doing this Pokemon Nuzlocke challenge. 13 hours of pure sweat and tears to bring you some amazing content so can I get 1 like for every tear shed?

RIP monke 😥

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تعليقات: 2 138 

  1. Komi Vica

    Komi Vica

    Connor: Get in the f-ing ball

  2. Maxim Pak

    Maxim Pak


  3. DailyDoseOfHuman


    I can just imagine if this was an anime, and when connor brings out Pesant in the first Elite Four, then the side character friend is like

  4. 花子


    Imagine just catching a legendary, a pokemon that could end the world, only to be named

  5. Jack o'Banter

    Jack o'Banter

    "What if I just hyper level my mudkip?"

  6. Bizzare Jelly

    Bizzare Jelly

    Chat: “Don’t just pump your starter, you’ll lose.”

  7. Tom W

    Tom W

    connor is slowly unlearning every english word and replacing it with japanese

  8. DemiDeity


    The pesant arc was so good

  9. Pastel Wolf

    Pastel Wolf

    No one is going to talk about how swampert still had water gun and tackle as moves at level 38? No? Ok XD

  10. Quadra Mask

    Quadra Mask

    Connor taking the piss out of the name "Flannery" when there's a novelist called "Flannery O'Connor" is hilarious.

  11. Andreea M.

    Andreea M.

    Are you telling me that Mudan had to go through 13 hours of Pokemon? The real MVP

  12. Noriaki Kakoyin

    Noriaki Kakoyin

    Who would win?

  13. Ryan Walker

    Ryan Walker

    That champion fight was like in every action anime where the side characters sacrifice themselves so that the main character can power up and climactically beat the final boss. Charles is the ultimate anime protagonist.

  14. Benjamin Li

    Benjamin Li

    I love how when any one of Connor's Pokemon evolve he begins to Fortnite dance wildly as if his last three brain cells have decided to revert and let Connor's most basic primal emotions take over. Just like how our ape ancestors beat their chests after asserting dominance, Connor gyrates wildly as his synapses fire and fill his brain with primal joy when his Pokemon evolve.

  15. ryan



  16. Charles Berries

    Charles Berries

    My name's Charles and this video filled the love I never got

  17. Professor Baguette

    Professor Baguette

    That freeze against Cradily was like Jotaro learning how to stop time.

  18. Luissv72



  19. Jovonn Harris

    Jovonn Harris

    I really wanted to see MONKE make to the end.

  20. Ahmed Mudkip

    Ahmed Mudkip

    Naming Wingull Shinji is the smartest name ever